Hangar Information

Our hangars are constructed with an understanding of the hot California desert conditions. The dryness of the desert is better for aircraft storage. All exterior walls of our hangars are insulated providing for lower inside temperatures and reducing radiant heat. As well, it provides a gasket effect to keep the sand out.

Our hangar doors are manufactured by Schwiess bi-fold doors and are completely automatic, easy to operate, and provide another barrier to keep the sand and dust out of the hangar. The doors offer a remote control for convenient operation from your vehicle or aircraft.

We offer a Jet porter and a golf cart to tug your aircraft to and from your hangar. Call or stop by for a tour of our FBO.

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Tie Down Information

The tie downs for our Customers are located on the East side of the large green hangar, opposite side of the fuel island, on taxiway Alpha. They are owned and Managed by GRQ Enterprises. The rates for the tie downs are $10 a night, $30 a week and $75 a month. Please see the pdf map if you have any questions. GRQ Enterprises will leave an envelope on your plane and if you have any questions about the fees call Dick at 760-238-8420. There is a payment box located on the White Hangar to the north, it is red, payments can be dropped into the box. Please help us support the tie downs by paying for them when you leave.

Private Hangar Rentals

Size Sq Ft Rate/monthly Rate/month
(1 year lease)
42' x 32' tee 1,050 $675 $445
46' x 40' tee 1,380 845 $555
46' x 45' business box 2,070 $1,330 $875
55' x 40' corporate box 2,200 $1,415 $930
46' x 55' corporate box 2,530 $1,625 $1,070
60' x 50' corporate box 3,000 $1,930 $1,270

Convenience power included for Tee hangars. 20 amp Power: $15/mo. Box hangars have metered power.


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Transient Community Hangar Rentals

Airplane Size Overnight Weekly Monthly
Singles $30 $175 $525
Twins $40 $240 $720
Turbo Prop & Light Jets $75 $450 $1,835
Corporate Jets $100 $595 $2,135
On the Ramp $25 $150 $550
Single & Twin Ramp $15 $45 N/A

All prices subject to change without notice.